privacy policy
updated september 2020

a more refined, in-depth privacy policy is coming soon.

in the meantime, please rest assured of the following:

  • this website uses cookies for jwt tokens, only to verify you are a real human
  • this website uses fathom for analytics, a privacy-first open-source alternative to google analytics
  • this website does not collect any personal information from its visitors, unless you sign up for the waitlist. in this case, your email address and the referral link you used (if applicable) will be securely stored in our database
  • your email address, if you choose to submit it, will never be sold or otherwise given to any other parties, or used for purposes beyond contacting you for with information regarding the Shelf waitlist
  • if you share a referral link, the recipient will never see or otherwise have access to your email address

if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at